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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bird Notice, Episode 1: Obtain the Avian

          So we finally did it, broke down and got a pet.  I feel kinda bad about it, since it is mostly for my amusement that we got Michael Weston, but then again I don't.  Though having Michael does make it a little bit more difficult to go away overnight, but thankfully we don't really have much vacation time to spread about this year.  (We are being selfish and taking a whole week for ourselves, then trying to split  3 days between family in OH and NH.)  Anyway, there were some guilt twinges concerning having taken him away from all the other parakeets in the pet store, and listening to him try and call to the outside birds from his cage, but my more callous side is finally winning out, and instead of feeling bad that he wants to escape out the window, I find it incredibly amusing how he runs back and forth on the sill...  Okay, so it is still kinda pitiful to watch.  Mostly I'm just glad to see him doing something other than just sitting there...
Michael Weston - my new companion.
   We got Michael sometime over a month ago.  We agonized over what to name him for a while, and eventually settled on Michael Weston - yes, like the main character from the T.V. series "Burn Notice".  Kinda lame, I know.  But it was cool at the time.  Anyway, we call him Michael, mostly.  For just about the whole first month, he was about as dull to watch as a box of rocks.  What kind of parakeet just sits on that one branch all day long, and never makes a peep?  Not one single chirp?  Guess it just took him a little time to get used to us and the place.  He was never very skittish, though he did and still does much prefer his cage to the great wide world of our little apartment.  Gradually, though, he began to sing - but only when the water was running.  Or when violent computer games were being played.  Or when there was basically any noise going on that prevented us from actually hearing him.  Perhaps he was really shy.  I don't know.  But for a bird that we got specifically so he could liven the place up, he was pretty darn boring.
          To top it all off, the parakeet care suggestions call for at least a half an hour of interaction a day, to keep their "curious minds" satisfied.  Right.  Interact with this bird which doesn't do a thing.  Hah.  Well, I would take him out, and have him help me do the dishes and such little things as that when I could without fear of scalding him to death or something.  One day I decided to put him on the windowsill at an open window, and *ka-BOOM!*  Out came such great noise and activity from this little bird that it was kinda shocking!  He had discovered the outside birds, and was quite desperate to communicate with them, and seeing his desperation broke my heart a tiny bit, but I got over it.  Mostly.  So now he gets to spend quite a bit of time on the windowsill when the weather is nice, and he has figured out how to get back to his cage (which is right by the window) when he wants to, sometimes sings spontaneously (and quietly) to himself now, and actually moves around in his cage of his own volition - major improvements, in my eyes, at least.  Though he still won't play with any of the toys we so thoughtfully picked out for him...
          All in all, I'm really glad we have him.  No, he's no fluffy puppy, and isn't much good for snuggling with, but he is amusing and does give me some distraction during my frequent alone hours.  Theoretically, if I talk to him enough, he might even start talking back, so we could pretend, at least, to hold a conversation.  Though I'm going to try really hard to prevent him from learning his name - a bird constantly telling itself hello and pretty bird is something I find to be annoying.  Anyhow, I'm hungry again, and should go in search of food.  Baby Chick and my second checkup is on Friday, and I don't want to get in trouble for not eating enough....  

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