Wednesday, September 5, 2012

4.5 Weeks And Counting...

          Well, we have 4.5 weeks until Jose's due date.  I'm bouncing back and forth between completely overwhelmed and not ready to be the real grown up, and kinda not thinking and worrying about it.  Personally, I like the not worry about it feeling, but there are times when it all seems like too much and I just cannot handle it.  Like when I look at my list of things that *must* be done and panic because it means I have to call doctors and see if they are accepting patients and preferably our insurance (Have I mentioned I hate dealing with insurance?); I really should have an eye exam before Jose comes, lest I run out of contacts; going to the dentist will also be a lot easier baby free, though not completely necessary at the moment, I don't think.  I still need to get a few nursing accouterments for myself, before October - not looking forward to jumping into that.  A grab and go bag has to be made up, so we aren't scrambling for things when the time finally comes, and it might be helpful if I could find a bag/basket not currently used for laundry (it's always a pain unpacking so I can pack something else - usually means leaving a pile of clothes somewhere).  Guess that's what happens when one lives out of suitcases, though we are contemplating trying to find at least one cheap dresser somewhere to try and make room in the bedroom.  Even more importantly, I need to inquire about the required parental baptism class, and then actually ask people if they would like to be Jose's godparents.  Yeah, heavy stuff. 
          On the not so necessary side, it turns out that The Martian had made his sisters a working cradle for their dolls, and they said I could have it.  It is unfinished, and I would really really like to be able to sand it up, stain it, and maybe stencil some cute little design on it, all before October.  Yes, I know the stain might be too fresh for a new baby, but I am smitten with the thing and will keep it anyway, even if I never use it once for a child.  At the very least it could be a cute little decorative basket type thingy.  Did I mention that I really want to do this project?  *sigh*  And I only have a parking lot to do it in.  :-/  Such is life.  
          At the moment, I am currently trying to combat a fruit fly infestation, which is odd because I haven't had any fruit out for a while now.  But I had probably better get back to it, so I'll be ready to deal with lunch when The Martian comes home.  Oh, and the car needs to be inspected before the end of the month.  Hopefully it will pass the first time this time.  :)

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