Sunday, January 4, 2015

And Baby Makes 3

     So I've basically taken a minor hiatus from blogging, much in part to having photo books to work on, and extreme lack of motivation and fatigue. In light of that, I'll be trying to keep this one a bit shorter than I had originally planned, so I can post more this month than I did last month. :)

     December 15th we got to add another pregnancy test day to the calendar. Baby #3 should be arriving sometime during my birthday week in August. Yes, we will be finding out who is coming at the 20 week mark. 13 more weeks to go!

     Morning sickness has been a bit different, this time. I didn't start feeling much of anything until close to week 6, and then it was mostly only for a week and a bit, as I seem to have had much better days yesterday and today, which is causing me to wonder. I'm not complaining, though, since this coming week will be my first one in a while with just me and the boys, as Code Monkey has had a lot of vacation time these past two weeks. 
     I am more excited and ok with this pregnancy than I was with either of the boys, quite simply because I am in the best place personally that I have been in a really, really long time. It's a long and complicated background, which I have been thinking a lot more about recently, and I have come to quite a few breakthroughs of sorts, for which I am grateful. It is quite relieving to evaluate oneself and finally be able to understand a bit why one is the way one is. And with that, I think I'll work on my 2015 Resolutions post. 
This was the second test,
and the weeks estimator is accurate.
In case anyone was wondering about them. 

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