Tuesday, April 7, 2015

And #3 Is...

     So, we found out who is arriving in August, and were waiting for Easter to announce uber-publicly. Well, Easter has come, and here it is!
Mary Ryan
     Mary Ryan will be joining us in August! This is the best picture we could get of her; the placenta is in the front, so it was a little difficult to get to her. Which is good information for me to know, since I wasn't feeling her as much as I had by this time with the boys, so I was getting a little worried that something might be off. Like, missing limbs and stuff. 

     The pregnancy has been going pretty well, now that we are out of the morning sickness stage. The mood swings could very well have been due in large part to the fact that we have a girl coming. Extra unstable female hormones, flooding the system, you know. 

     Excited? Um, sometimes. Scared mostly. But that is the subject of multiple posts, I think. 

     And I think that's about all, except for my exciting discovery of varicose veins in the back of my thighs. Huge ones. I'm not pleased with this discovery, in and of itself. But is nice to know why my legs have been feeling bruised and sore for the past few months. Trying a blend of cypress, lemon, orange, and lavender essential oil on them to see if it helps any. It is supposed to. A friend also gave me a trial version of Arbonne's Seasource Detox Spa Renewing Body Gelee, which she says helps hers since it contains ingredients that are anti-inflammatory. 

  And I thought I lost this whole thing, and spent some time typing up a second, only to find out that this one was saved. Urgh. I think it's time to stop the typing now. 

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