Monday, January 9, 2012


     So a few months ago I "deleted" my Facebook account, in an attempt to gain more control over my online time-wasting. It worked for a little while, then I filled up my FB time with the blogs I am now following, and a little bit of posting on my own. Didn't really cut down on my time online, but I would definitely say that I am putting it to much better use. Well, I decided the other day that I am now strong enough to again face the potential for time-wasting that Facebook presents, and, to my surprise, found that my account was there just the same as if I had never left, but only taken a months-long vacation from activity. "Deletion" never took place, even though I was greatly assured by the site that it would be. Just a head's up to anyone who might be considering leaving. I don't know what happens to one's account, but it does not disappear. Anyway, I'm back on now, and only the people who interest me are my "friends"; which is good, because I have felt rather out of the loop, so to speak, since I have been off and I very much need to become reconnected to life outside my apartment again. Upon re-starting my account, I found numerous "notes" that I had posted, and have decided to bring them over here. I think I'm just going to copy and paste them, rather than type them all out again, so I beg pardon for the decline of visual pleasure as a result.  

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