Friday, January 27, 2012

Too Much Quiet!

One of our "Mac-Todd"s.
The standard turtle name in our house.
I want a dog.  Or a cat.  Or a turtle.  Or a bird.  Or snake, maybe.  Heck, there are times that I would settle for a hermit crab, or even fish.  ANYTHING to talk to, other than my two plants.  Most of the time being a housewife isn't so bad.  I enjoy not working outside of the home, seeing my husband for lunch every day, and generally picking and choosing things for my amusement.  But it can be incredibly lonely sometimes.  Projects around the house don't usually last very long, when one's living space is only about 600 sq. ft., but even on the busy days, it's just so incredibly quiet.  

I forgot about the ducks....
so you get to see  him instead of turkeys....

Emma, 2 Reds, Speckles,
Patricia, & Skunk
My vast collection of music has become old and repetitive, and my heart greatly desires a companion while my husband is away at his work.  A job I have contemplated, searched for, and found not.  Some of my time I do giveth for volunteer work, and shall increase that in a time close hence, but alone still I shall remain at home.  (Sorry, was finishing The Hobbit at the same time, and was carried away by the style.)

Pigs.......and then there will be bacon!

Growing up, I was never really alone, unless I wanted to be.  Mom and my siblings were usually around, and when they were not there was always a dog (or two), the cats (of varying numbers), chickens, and for a brief wonderful while, my horse, along with the animals we raised briefly for dinner:  pigs for a few years, and turkeys for a couple.  Even when I did seek solitude, very rarely was it without the companionship of another animate being, most notably Thyme, my dog; and after her untimely death, Auto, my horse.  Such companions brought a sense of security and freedom.  Their presence enabled me to spend many, many wonderful hours out in the neighbor's vast woods, because Mom knew neither Thyme nor Auto would allow anyone to do me harm.  (For the record, I only ever saw two people in all of my wanderings, one of whom was a neighbor.) 

On The Autobahn

 Suffice it to say, after such a life, this solitude is stifling.  Practically speaking, the apartment is no place for a dog (even if our pet allowance wasn't restricted to things living in tanks), the landlord is allergic to cats so Orion must stay in N.H, my husband says he doesn't want a chicken even if it does live in a tank...darn practicality!  *sigh*  But we must be practical.  So my vote is currently going towards song-ish bird of some sort, if we can determine that "cage" is included in the word "tank".  I guess we shall see...
Unfortunately, I have no digital photos of Thyme.....   :'(

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