Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tears Fall Where Words Fail

          And Action Needs To Be Taken.  Even if all one can do at the moment is pray and spread the word.  I don't know that there is much more than that that I can do at the moment, but every little bit helps, as they say.
          Leila Miller, over at Little Catholic Bubble, has recently taken upon herself the cause of Reece's Rainbow and bringing orphans with Down's from around the world to good homes.  Many of these children in other countries do not have even slightly respectable care in the orphanages/homes that they are placed in and there is often a very short period during which they are adoptable, and after which they are placed in mental hospitals for the rest of their lives, starting as early as age 5.  Yes, you read that right:  5 year olds must move to an adult mental institution, and once they move they are no longer available for adoption.  You can read about Malcom and his story, and see if it doesn't break your heart.  Leila's second blog, dedicated solely to spreading the word about these children is Orphan Report, and is worth all the heartache of seeing the featured children.  The more people who go and see, the better chance these children have of living in a loving home.
          Further, there is a give-away over at No Greater Joy Mom to help raise money to bring 14 year old Faith home.  Faith is currently in an orphanage in Bulgaria, called Pleven which is currently being investigated for the maltreatment of the children there:  Faith herself only weighs 14 lbs. and her muscles have atrophied due to the neglectful conditions she has been surviving under.  Most all of the prizes have been donated for such a purpose, so you don't have to worry that your contributions aren't going to be making it into Faith's fund.  
          As for the disgrace called Pleven, you can read about it here at The Blessing of Verity.  There isn't much more left to say, other than GO.  LOOK. READ.  PRAY!!!  Then act as you see fit.  

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