Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Red Button Complex

          How quickly things can change.  We went from "shouldn't have to work late this week" to "didn't have time for lunch and have no clue when he might get off" in a matter of 24 hours.  And the possibility of a date night seems to be disappearing much in the same way as a morning fog dissipates with the sun and wafts away on the breeze.  Goodness knows, at this rate the cream I got for the homemade alfredo sauce is going to be chunky by the time I'm able to use it.  Thankfully bacon and pasta have the decency to not spoil.  And the wine is still at the store, which means there might actually be some when an opportunity for date night does finally arrive.  
          Times like this cause me to wish I didn't have to work on that "self-control" thing, that I could just eat/drink/do something because that is the impulse I have and I don't have to want to worry about the consequences.  Like the brownie mix sitting in the closet, just begging to be made, then eaten in one sitting.  Or the booze that is tempting me mentally currently - my shopping list is 30% alcohol at the moment, though I won't be getting all of it.  Of course, it doesn't help that alcohol is now my "red button" issue, and will be until after J.B. is here.  What do I mean about red button?  Well, it is the tendency to want to do what we know/are told we are not allowed to do, like "Don't push the red button" and had we not been told, we wouldn't have even thought about it, but since we were, it is all we want to do.  Sometimes it is easy for me to ignore the "red button" calling, but man, there sure are days when I wish I could just hit the darn thing.  With a sledgehammer.  

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