Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Worth of the Mentally Retarded

          This is actually gonna be a short one, I promise.  Watch this video.  I know it's 9 minutes long, but you should watch the whole thing.  
People like this girl ought to be cherished just for the fact that they are human, they are people, regardless of the strain/drain they might place on society.  That being said, our medicine and science don't know everything, least of all the potential such people have to improve society, if they were only treated with the love, respect, and humanity they deserve.  If this girl were to have been institutionalized, most likely she never would have found her "voice".  I understand not everyone has the resources and time to devote to the special needs of many disabled, but those who do, whether parents, therapists, those who work in institutions, ought to do so in such a manner as these parents, with respect and charity.  How many more people could have helped give us such insights, if only they weren't aborted or shoved to some inconspicuous corner of the world?

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