Monday, December 3, 2012

Are You Sure It Hasn't Been Forever?

          Eight weeks ago today, at 1843, I had a child of my own that I could hold in my arms.  After 9 months of anticipation, and a couple months of "My goodness, when will this be over?" I could finally see what my baby boy looked like.  And, now that it has been a while, I can see that he looks just like his father, only with O'Neil eyes.  Anyhow, from the moment we brought him home, it seemed as if we had always had him, like there never was a time without him.  So it quite honestly comes as a little shock whenever I recon his age.  How could it possibly have only been 8 weeks ago?  He has grown so much, and I feel almost as good as I did before we were expecting him.  2 months on Saturday?  Impossible!  Yet, not only is it possible, it is reality.  Perhaps it is because we spend nearly every hour of every day together that it seems like life has always been this way.  Oh, sure, I can remember what it was like before him, how much freedom I had (going to bed when I wanted to, and not getting up until I wanted to *sigh*), but overall, it was worth it.  Supremely worth it.  :D

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