Friday, August 2, 2013

Pinterest Fail (But Not Really)

     So, one day we had a lot of cherries, and they were on the verge of going bad. The Martian doesn't eat them raw, and I wasn't about to attempt to eat a whole 3 pounds or whatever it was all by myself in one go, so I came up with the brilliant idea to make pie, specifically mini pies.
This was a birthday present
for my husband from family...
     Anyway, it was a brilliant idea, until I tried to enact it. Earlier that day, I dropped and broke the food processor while retrieving it from the closet-pantry. Broke it so that it was unusable, and the pie crust called for a food processor. *sigh* "I guess I can work around that; I'll just cut the butter into the flour using two butter knives..." I managed to pit and halve all the cherries while J.B. napped, which was nearly a miracle because he wasn't napping much around that time. Dinner ran late; J.B. became tired, crabby, and really annoying; the counter was a mess; so I didn't start the pies in a particularly great mood. And it only went down hill from there, for it called for nearly frozen butter, which I did not have and could not possibly have managed to work with sans food processor. Also, in spite of having read the recipe at least three times, I only just noticed that the cherries were supposed to be cooked, in a pot, on the stove, for an undetermined amount of time. "There goes my quick, easy pies..." 
So I started the crust, with my not-cold-enough butter, and I think I accidentally added too much water, because the dough did not look anything like the picture, nor did it behave properly - much, much too sticky. But it could also have been the warm butter...
Luckily I used wax paper, otherwise
that mess would have been on my counter...
     The crust was basically mush, and stuck to the wax paper when I tried to roll it out. See those lines? Those are my finger marks, from scraping it off tiny piece by tiny piece so I could put it into the muffin tin. That was about the time I came up with the wonderful idea to make a Pinterest fail type post to try and salvage the fiasco, and my sanity.
Just the situation you never want to
run into while baking - having to mush
dough (or anything) down in to the
vessel it is going to be cooked in...
     Luckily I took the precaution to spray the tin with non-stick spray. Mushing tiny pieces of dough into each one of them so I could get some sort of bottom crust left me with a bad feeling in my gut...

     While I was silently cursing the dough and my lack of a food processor, I was also simultaneously attempting to cook the cherries, which did eventually work, but not in time for the pies. I was quite done with pies...
This is what the cherries looked like
when I decided I was "done"
This is what they were supposed to look like...
Patience is not a virtue I have in abundance, I am discovering...there was a brief episode of chucking things that were in my way, to somewhere out of my way...

     Anyhow, here's what the pre-cooked result was:
Ran out of crust, after making
more pies than the recipe said. 
     And after baking longer than the recipe said (everything takes longer in our oven for some reason), this was the end result:

     And this (with the finished cherries):

          Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the first pie to be eaten, but this one turned out well, I think:
     Thankfully, they came out of the muffin tins really easily, and they tasted pretty good too, which is the most important thing when dealing with food. Though I am not going to attempt this again until I have a new food processor. 


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  1. Pies scare me. The innards intimidate me as well as the crust. Kudos for attempting in the first place and congrats on them coming out tasty in the end :) I totally commiserate on the frustrations part. Reminds me of my frozen chicken fiasco and makes me wish I documented!