Monday, March 2, 2015

Taking Care Of Me

     I don't know if my last post made much sense, but here is what I am planning on doing to try and help take care of me. I'm going to be trying some diet changes, upon the advice of my midwife and after having read The Mood Cure by Julia Ross. Code Monkey is skeptical about it being the magic cure that it claims to be, and is right in his thinking that I need to change my behaviour in order to get the best results. If my mood issues are a part of my not taking time for myself, then no matter what else I change, it isn't going to work if I don't make and then take the time I need to recharge. 
I've brainstormed the things that make me happy, and re-ground me when I need it. Here is my list, just in case you can't read the picture:  Adoration - I like the quiet and the peace, literally being close to God. Listening to music I like. Being alone in nature and Walking in the woods could almost be the same thing - the quiet and the peace again, feeling close to God. Singing. Reading. Cross stitching. Blogging. A clean kitchen, so nice, even though I don't like cleaning it. Basketball, or active sports in general. Animals/Pets could be combined with Chickens and Horses - I really like chickens, though horses might not be the best idea. Learning - I really miss all the intellectual growth that happened at school. Grown up conversation - talking with someone old enough to understand complex thoughts. Physical labor - I like hard work, it is a good medium for thinking, and keeps me fit. The stars - peace and quiet again. My Family - though seeing them keeps becoming more complicated. Routine, and knowing what is going on. Contact with my Byrdz. Dragon's Bane. Actual clothes - getting dressed in clothes that make me feel put together. Showering. Running - good for contemplation. Confession, because peace. 
As for routine, I really don't have one yet. I've been putting off trying to make one, but finally wrote a rough one down today. Though exhaustion seems to be coming back, and my weekly nightly routine has been a bit off because of it. It's hard to do stuff when you feel the need to be in bed only an hour or so after the kids are in bed, and that's all the time you have for yourself and your spouse, sans ninos. Which is why the 6 a.m. rising time for me is so laughable. Oh, I just noticed I forgot to write in Thursday and Friday before I took the picture. I had decided to switch them around, because Thursday seems to work better for adoration than Friday does, so Friday will be cross stitching instead. Dragon's Bane will also be moved to Thursday, maybe. Unless I make it Friday, and try to stitch for a bit on a                                               weekend afternoon. 
I am also keenly aware of how it can seem like I don't really do much of anything, and that feeds depression, so I've started writing down the "productive" things I do on the calendar, so I have something sort of tangible to prove to myself that I am capable of getting things done. Chores are blue, appointments and things are in black, birthdays, anniversaries, and minor feasts are green, and major feasts are red. At least for this month. 
     I'll be going gluten free for two weeks to see if there is any improvement in my mood. I think I will also start journaling, since writing is definitely one of the better ways for me to process and decompress when stressed. Hence why blogging is on my list of things that make me happy. Also, my ultimate bedtime, which I am past, is 10 p.m., and that nap at 1 p.m.? That's meant for me, because I am a much nicer person when I eat well and am well rested. Since I am late for bed, I think my next post will be more about The Mood Cure, which will be the first in my new Book Club series. 


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