For The OutSpoken

     When commenting, please keep it civil. I reserve the right to determine the definition of civil. If this is a problem, you have the right to stop reading.

     It would be much preferred if the OutSpoken could follow the rules of debate: 

  • No ad hominem attacks (do not attack another with a differing viewpoint personally); 
  • No usage of the second person, either singular or plural (yes, I do realize that it is the same word in both cases, though some add an "all" to the plural); 
  • Use facts as often as possible (the OutSpoken will gain much credibility if such facts can be easily found elsewhere). I am open to learning as much as anyone, and the best arguments (i.e. reasons why one side should be considered over another) are those which contain truth.

     Furthermore, I refuse to allow profanity, crassness, crudeness, vulgarity, or virulence to be posted. I have seen too much of it in the course of my reading, and detest it vehemently.  Thank you much for your patience, and the active interest you have.  :)

**UPDATE:  As of 7/15/15, I will no longer be publishing comments that don't have anything to do with the post or the blog in general. If you are going to take the time to comment, please don't use it solely for self promotion.**