Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Mama Milestones

          So this post is dedicated to the little milestones in a first-time-mom's life.  You know, the ones where you can spend the day not in bed and not end up with a fever by supper.  Or when that little run in with mastitis is gone, only to be replaced by a tiny turn with thrush.  Okay, so maybe not everyone encounters those.  But there ought to be small celebrations for spending the day outside of the bedroom; for no longer feeling like you've been run over by a truck.  (Giving birth for the first time is a full body experience, let me tell you.)  The day nursing actually doesn't hurt anymore.  Your first little outing as a family - for us it was to mass - and the baby doesn't scream bloody murder or want to be fed.  The first large gathering where everyone gets to meet the new arrival.  The first trip out, just baby and me.  Being able to vacuum and do dishes without Daddy being home.  I would probably be able to add laundry to that list if we had a washer here - juggling laundry baskets and the baby at the laundromat is a bit too much for me at the moment.  That first grocery shopping trip.  Figuring out that nursing in public is almost no big deal.  That first shower where you don't have to rush, because the baby no longer thinks he needs to eat every hour on the dot.  
          Though it was such an awesome thing being able to take that shower, the best thing is realizing that I can do this whole mothering thing.  Not only am I capable of it, I rather enjoy it.  Feeling confident in myself, that I can take care of the baby and the house too.  No longer feeling useless.  I know feeding and changing and feeding the baby are good things, and housework can wait, but it really is much better now that I can spend my time in a clean, mostly uncluttered apartment.  And stretching.  Oh my goodness, is stretching just the most amazing thing ever!  In all seriousness, though, it is good to be back to feeling like me again.  :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Are You Sure It Hasn't Been Forever?

          Eight weeks ago today, at 1843, I had a child of my own that I could hold in my arms.  After 9 months of anticipation, and a couple months of "My goodness, when will this be over?" I could finally see what my baby boy looked like.  And, now that it has been a while, I can see that he looks just like his father, only with O'Neil eyes.  Anyhow, from the moment we brought him home, it seemed as if we had always had him, like there never was a time without him.  So it quite honestly comes as a little shock whenever I recon his age.  How could it possibly have only been 8 weeks ago?  He has grown so much, and I feel almost as good as I did before we were expecting him.  2 months on Saturday?  Impossible!  Yet, not only is it possible, it is reality.  Perhaps it is because we spend nearly every hour of every day together that it seems like life has always been this way.  Oh, sure, I can remember what it was like before him, how much freedom I had (going to bed when I wanted to, and not getting up until I wanted to *sigh*), but overall, it was worth it.  Supremely worth it.  :D