Friday, June 28, 2013

So, Are You Excited?

          If you read my last post, you would have noted that we are expecting again.  Yup.  This time we decided not to wait to tell people, because I really didn't want to be keeping a secret like that for three months again. It was hard last time.  Well, that's not true.  At first I was like, "We aren't telling anybody ever."  Why, you ask?  Because I so wasn't ready for this, at all.  Not that we were avoiding, exactly, just kinda seeing how well breastfeeding alone worked, but I totally wasn't expecting children 16 months apart.  So, after the congratulations of whoever we told, came the inevitable "So, are you excited? / You must be excited!"  And honestly, I wasn't.  Unless you were to mean excited in the sense of nervous/excitable:  "Oh, she's an excitable person - freaks out at everything!"  I was kinda panicking, actually.  There are days, quite a few of them actually, where it seems like I can't handle the 8.5 month old I have, let alone try and recover from birth and take care of J.B., with no family near enough to help out for very long.  Not very appealing, let me tell you.  But, time has past and I am more used to the idea, and yes, now I am excited.  Even though we found out that our due date is about a month sooner than we were figuring.  We had a confirmation of pregnancy and gestational age ultrasound at the Front Royal Pregnancy Center (the website doesn't list the ultrasound availability because it is extremely new; thanks for all those who donated!), and found out that we are 10 weeks along, with a due date of January 21, 2014.  Because of our positive test, and no real LMP to go by, we assumed February, what with it being 9 months from May and all that.  Though it does leave me wondering why I had a negative test on May 11, since we were already expecting then, unless my math is bad...

Anyway, J.B. is waking up, so here is a cute pic of the newbie before I go:

So Much For A Year...

          So, you remember my last post about nursing for a year? Yeah, well, that isn't going to happen. Why? Because of this, on Memorial Day:  
Not our actual test; that pic is on my other phone, in the room
where Jose finally  just fell asleep...But it was that type of test.
For those of you wondering why this means not being able to nurse until Jose is one, let me explain. Pregnancy causes a drastic drop in milk supply, so much so that our sweet little one did not grow taller and lost weight since his last check up in April. Even with all the demand (and there was a lot), the supply just isn't there. So supplementing, here we are, and I'm debating whether it would be easier to just wean, rather than keep nursing. My vanity says "Yes! Think of the dresses you could wear, and the other clothes that aren't so nursing accessory friendly!" The more motherly part of me thinks weaning would be a better way of ensuring he is getting enough, since I don't know how much he is getting when nursing anyway; and I'm supposed to offer the bottle after nursing to keep up supply, but he won't take it then, even though we are supposed to get him to take 4-6 ounces of formula 4 times a day.... Neither of us are ready to completely wean, though, and bottles are a pain. Oh, the conundrums of a mom!