Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Merely A Woman

     Well, this post is to try and flesh out my blog title a bit, and try to explain where I hear the emphasis in "She? A Mere Woman!"
I guess we'll shoot for the emphasis first. I hear it said by a man, scoffing at the idea that "she" could possibly do/think/whatever, hence the question mark. "A mere woman" is meant to be like a put down, showing how he thinks it is ridiculous that a woman even contemplate such a thing, while at the same time discounting the fact that she accomplished it. Does that make sense? 

     And so we come to the actual definition of "mere" (I don't remember which online dictionary I took it from, sorry).

MERE:  1. Being nothing more nor better than. - This was the meaning I had in mind when I decided to take it on as a blog identity, sorta like not as good, lacking. But guess what? There is an even better meaning!

MERE:  2. a) Pure and unmixed.
2. b) Fully as much as what is specified; completely fulfilled or developed; absolute. - How stinkin' cool is that? It means practically the opposite of the first meaning! And is actually quite the compliment. So I inadvertently gave my blog a double meaning. :D 

     Read in light of the second meaning, it basically means completely a woman, absolutely a woman, which I think is really neat, though I'm not sure yet what it means to be a "woman". There are so many different definitions and anecdotes thrown around out there as to what being a "woman" entails, it's difficult to know what is accurate and true to reality and what isn't. At first, part of my reasoning of blogging was to blog on intellectual stuff, because it seems to me that society still doesn't really believe, or maybe more accurately like, that women are smart, capable, etc., apart from their looks but I think I've kinda failed at that. You don't think that society thinks that? Then point out to me the plain Jane, but smart, women that people listen to. I can't think of any. From newscasters, to sports chicks, to politicians, all of the women that we see are usually deemed to be pretty "hot". Oh, whoops, unless you count the liberal, feminist ones like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and Sandra Fluke. For the most part, though, if you can read a teleprompter and look fantabulous doing it, then you are noticed and worth paying attention to. And I'm not entirely sure where I was going with this post, since I started it months ago, actually had the idea when I first started the blog years ago. 

     Now, please don't think I'm in the "All men are chauvinist pigs" camp, because I'm not. Seriously, feminists easily fall into the chauvinist category as well. And honestly, they are doing absolutely nothing to help further the cause of women in regards to equal respect and all. From my point of view, all they aspire to is to be like men, and the basest sort of men at that, with all their "free sex without consequences, we can be better than men at male things, beat men at their own game" sort of attitudes. How can you be powerful in their view? Men like sex; be the hottest, sexiest damn thing around, and you'll have them fawning over your every move and viola! you can do anything you please. Power! Power! Power! Never mind that you are selling yourself so cheap that it doesn't even matter anymore. Thus feminist propaganda, continues to propagate the first definition of mere in regards to women:  Nothing more nor better than our sexual identities as women. Why bother trying to better yourself as a whole, when you can just use sex to get what you want? 

     I am challenging that worldview. I'm so tired of being shoved into someone else's little tiny expectation for me as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, person, ME. I'm done. So I'm not going to write heavy, intellectual posts about deep topics; it's not my style, really. I'm going to start typing the way I write letters to close friends, with familiarity about things as I see them, my thoughts and ponderings about the world and my experience in it. No, I'm not going to be insisting that sexuality be shoved into places dark and secret and shameful, because it isn't. Much as it can be an annoyance sometimes, it is a part of what makes the human race tick. I do think, however, that it doesn't need to be the part in the forefront like it is; there are better things we can use to define ourselves than sexuality. I'm going to endeavor to find out who the whole, pure, unmixed, absolute, mere Henn is. I've got an inkling it will be a fantastic journey, and that there could be quite the tsunami as a result of these little ripples in the hithertofore calm waters I've been floating in.