Tuesday, August 15, 2017

St. Michael's Lent and Novena for Our Nation

     I'm going to be honest, I don't really keep up with any news, except for the little "trending" tab on my Facebook sidebar. Even so, it seems liken there is an increase in all sorts of violence being reported. At the same time, I've been feeling a call to "fast", to do something to combat the evil and win mercy for souls. I've been at a loss, though, as to how to accomplish a fast, since breastfeeding requires I actually eat, and I typically don't have any special foods I eat frequently enough that giving it up would actually be a sacrifice. God is timely, though, when we seek His Will, and this post about St. Michael's Lent which St. Francis of Assisi observed came up in my Facebook news feed on Saturday, as did one for the Rosary Novena for Our Nation, and I knew I had my answer. 

     While I (and many others) cannot fast from food, there are definitely things I can fast or abstain from. Like Facebook, again, and Pinterest, as those are my two biggest time suckers, as is mindlessly browsing on Instagram. I have been having a lot of cheesecake in an attempt to boost milk supply, so I will actually be able to give up sweets, for the first time in forever, once the cheesecake in the fridge is gone. Back to the time wasters, though. There's still going to be that time that needs to be filled, and I'm going to fill it with the Rosary Novena (link on how to do it), spiritual reading, blogging, and going to bed earlier. I will still be posting to Facebook from Instagram, but won't log in unless I have a blog post to share. I literally just ordered a kitchen rosary from Sweet Oak Gallery on Etsy to help with the rosary praying. (The one I got. M. Teresa's been speaking to me a lot lately.) 

     I think there was something else, but I can't really remember. Please consider joining me, and thousands of others, in offering up something for the welfare of souls, and peace in the world. I know I handle my daily sufferings and annoyances so much better when I have an actual and concrete thing to offer them for. Even if you can't commit to the rosary or something big, even just offering one of the small, everyday things once a day from the Assumption (8/15) to the Feast of the Archangels (9/29) can have untold benefits. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


     I wasn't able to go to the March For Life this year, but I was able to listen to the last few of the speeches while cutting sweet potatoes, which I then proceeded to not cook. Anyway, I liked a lot of what I heard, mostly. Maybe I don't fully understand the purpose behind the March. Maybe it's just supposed to be a show of numbers, of the people who oppose abortion in our country. Maybe it's not to make persuasive arguments as to why we are pro-life and anti-abortion. If that is the case, then my objection is no issue at all. However, if we are trying to change minds and hearts, then I think we should stop "God bless"ing everything, and stop "Jesus is Lord"ing, and stop praying for the conversion of specific people during our speeches. No, I don't want to erase God/Jesus from the March, but I have family, friends, and people I follow who identify much, much more with the reasons for the Women's March, and their hearts are not being swayed by the religious talk. Quite the opposite, actually. Our message is being drowned out by the insistence on bringing God, specifically the Judeo-Christian God, into everything. It's fine if you are able to say "Abortion is wrong, and I know it because the Bible/the Church/my Faith says so", but we need to remember not everyone has the benefit of the supernatural gift of Faith informing their life. To me, that is the part we are missing. We seem to assume that "Jesus talk" is the quickest and most powerful way of changing hearts, because we already see with the eyes of Faith, so it all makes sense to us. To someone without that grace? Badgering them about the right thing to do because God said so just causes them to stop listening. We need to focus more on the natural reasons why abortion is wrong, good scientific and philosophical reasons, and let God quietly do the rest. There is nothing we can do or say to change the mind and heart of someone who is not yet ready to accept our message, and it is all too easy to do or say something which hardens their heart more. If it is true that we are living in a post-Christian age, then our approach is going to have to change to reflect that, and appeals to matters of Faith will only become more and more irrelevant and useless. We need to meet them where they are, on the solely natural plane. Maybe then, will our message really be heard.