Thursday, October 8, 2015

Eight Weeks

     It has been so long since I've written. I don't know what to write. While I haven't had a good opportunity to sit down and put my thoughts onto "paper", it doesn't mean that I have stopped thinking. On the contrary, I've been thinking even more, and now cannot decide on a subject. So I guess I'll stick with what we've been doing lately. 

Baby, lots of baby. Though this is only the third (and worst) blow out I've had to deal with. She is going to be 8 weeks old tomorrow. I could not have asked for a better baby. So calm. So content.
I love her smiles. I love that she's starting to "talk". I love her complaining cry; the one where she cries and closes her mouth and it sounds like she's saying "Meh meh meh meh". I love the little happy laugh she does when I pick her up after she's been fussing. I am so in love with my baby girl, it's amazing. 

Juanito is roughly 21 months. He's fantastic, though really fussy and whiny lately. I think it has more to do with his age than with the addition of Little Miss. He is a figure-er-outer. He likes trying to put things together and taking them apart. He is very rough and tumble, but oh so snuggly still. As much as Jose liked to be held, he never really snuggled. Juanito is also very much in the monkey see, monkey do phase. He adores Jose, and pretty much follows along with whatever Jose comes up with. Except when he doesn't. Then there are problems.

Jose turned three today. He, too, is a thinker, though I think more of a speculative type. His vocabulary is pretty outstanding, though some of the things he comes up with leave me wondering. He loves to be a helper, and to have his way. Which is why there are problems when Juanito doesn't want to play whatever game happens to be "mandatory" at the moment. He is currently interested in gymnastics and working out, though his form leaves a bit to be desired. Still on the sensitive side, he is quickly growing to be more outgoing. I'm still shocked by how friendly he is, considering how shy he used to be. 

As for myself, I'm doing alright. Recovery has been phenomenal. I can't believe it's only been 8 weeks, mostly, since I've given birth. The only things I did differently were stay in bed longer, and take my placenta pills. Yeah, I was skeptical too, in the beginning. But hearing how the placenta has worked wonders for Post-Partum Depression, I figured it was worth a try.
Because I *do not* want to end up in that place again. Oddly enough, whether it is the pills, or just not being pregnant anymore, I've felt so normal. Yes, there were a couple bad days a few weeks ago after I decided to stop taking my pills to see if there was a difference, but since resuming them I have felt so calm. Clear. Like some mental fog has lifted, and I can see again. Yes, I still get low blood sugar induced anxiety attacks, and I still don't do terribly well when there are three people crying at me, but my fuse is longer and the explosion is milder and over much more quickly. I don't know what it is, but I'm really glad for it. 

I should probably go, before Little Miss wakes up. I think her current schedule is nap from 8 or 9 til 10:30 or 11, then up for a bit and down for the rest of the night by 1. But I still have stuff to do that is best done without holding a baby. Like empty the dishwasher. Email the family and friends an update, since I haven't actually done that since, like, April. Or take a shower. Sometimes she surprises me and sleeps for what seems like ever. Anyway, there you have it. If this sleep trend does continue, though, I hope to blog more.