Tuesday, October 22, 2013

So It's Been A While, Again...

     *sigh* Maybe, eventually, I'll start up blogging regularly again. There are a few subjects that have been rattling around my brain recently, that it would be great to write out rather than just mulling it over. Perhaps I will get my act together soon. Anyway, today just a brief update, with pictures.

J.B. turned one a couple of weeks ago. Hard to believe, for it seems like he's been out and about forever, but not at the same time.

Here he is, enjoying Target brand honey
 nut cheerios for his birthday breakfast.
He is my little man, and it is wonderful to see him grow and learn. I will truly miss these days with him. 

John Michael will be joining us in January. :) A brother for J.B. to play with. I'm also contemplating changing people's nicknames on here, confusing as that prospect might be. I just need to decide between Spanish and Italian, though...  Anyway, here are a few pictures of John, the day we found out he was/is a boy.

We are currently under contract for a house, and now that the gov. is once again working, our loan should  be processed soon. Yeah, I was probably the only one who couldn't wait for them to get back online, but the prospect of spending much more time here in this apartment was a little too much to bear...  The best part about the house, other than basically living at the park? Chickens. I will be able to have chickens. I really do like chickens, in case you didn't know. :)  And I am once again seriously considering a dog, because alarm systems only alert you when the bad guy is already in the house, but a good dog will let you know when someone steps foot on the property. 

And now my stomach says it is time for a snack, since it is past sleepy time.