Friday, April 4, 2014

Natural Cleaning Products - Radiantly You

     I've never really been a believer in natural products, especially when it comes to cleaning. I mean, if natural stuff worked, why would people turn to something artificial? If it ain't broke, don't fix it, right? As such, I've been hesitant to try any, lest I end up wasting my money on products that don't work. Well, a couple months ago, a friend introduced me to a new company, Radiantly You, that makes 100% natural products, and given my growing chewy granola-ness, I figured I'd give them a try, and document the results to see if they really were effective. Much to my surprise, I have been very impressed!  
         So, if I can figure it out (the pics are on my phone, sorry for the quality) here is photographic evidence how awesome this stuff is! (They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I guess we'll see!)

Tub Scrub:
So, I cleverly remembered to take a halfway through cleaning shot.
I'm still figuring out the best way to use the Tub Scrub, but I
used it straight from the container, and scrubbed with a blue Scotch scrubby.

Yes, that is a onesie - the toddler got a hold of someone's wine. *sigh*
But what better way to test the laundry detergent?
This was after it sat for a day, because I didn't have enough laundry to justify a load.

This is after being thrown into the wash, untreated.
Luckily I remembered not to dry it.

And the "final" product, after I treated it with just the detergent,
and washed it a second time. I say a quoted final, because
I haven't checked the status of it since I've washed it again.
I was pleased enough with what I got.
It also removed armpit stains from one of my shirts
that had been there for I don't know how long.

     Well, there you have it. Proof all-natural products actually do work! In addition to their Cleaning line, they also have Beauty, Health, and Baby stuff. Click HERE to learn more about this amazing company started by a stay at home mom! For the laundry detergent and tub scrub, click HERE

*And, in the interest of full disclosure, since trying the products I have joined the Radiantly You team as an Independent Wellness Guide. My choice to do so was very much influenced by the effectiveness of their products, and their affordability. I will receive no compensation from Radiantly You for this review.*