She? A Mere Woman!

Jose and me.
  I kinda originally started this blog with the belief that I could "go out and change the world" with my super amazing insights on deep and pertinent topics.  Alas, I fear that may never be the case, as it seems my focus seems to be more on the simpler things in life, and the particular issues I am struggling with at the moment.  Also, being a new mom, much of my focus is on my life as such.  As a note of warning, writing is also a means for me to better figure out what I really think on a particular subject, so don't be surprised if some of my posts reflect that. 

          I finally wrote my post about why I chose "Mere" as the main description for my blog. Check it out HERE. I'm still trying to play catch up with many of the topics I've been pondering, since I find myself thinking on new ones before I blog the old.  Anyway, as you may tell from the first sentence of my description, I am Catholic (Roman Rite), and many of my posts are quite a bit on the religious side.  And though I am by no means a particularly great Catholic, it is something I believe in, and am working on becoming better.  It is my worldview, and even non-religious observations of mine will prolly be tinged by it.  *shrug*  Such is the way of things.  
Juanito, going through a
"carry everything in my mouth" phase
          Anyhow, thanks for visiting.  I hope my posts lead you to consider viewpoints you may never have before, or to look at subjects in new ways.  My understanding of open-mindedness is the ability to consider many views, takes, arguments all for the sake of understanding the Truth.  Even though I don't always agree with the assertions of another, I do wish to try and understand and recognize the truth in them.  Even lies can help us come to see the truth, for the best and most believable have truth as their base.  I hope, through my writing and your comments, we can all come to a better understanding of Truth, and at the very least expand our minds just a little.  For those interested in commenting, visit For The OutSpoken for my rules.  

Oh, and I have no clue how to write short posts, letters, papers, etc.  Just a heads up.  ;)

Little Miss

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