Monday, September 12, 2011

Weapons Vs. Passions

To The Editor: 
In response to all those who fear violence from state legislators, representatives, and the general populace as a result of allowing weapons in our state buildings, I wish to say this:  the fear that violence will erupt simply because there is a weapon present is irrational and absurd.  To assert that our esteemed representatives would shoot one another during a debate shows a lack of faith in the self-control and intelligence of those we have chosen to represent us in the governance of our state.  Heated debates are engaged in all the time and we never hear of people getting into brawls and throttling their opponents.  The addition of a weapon will not suddenly result in the eruption of violent fights in what had previously been a peaceful, though passionate, debate.  Weapons are never the cause of violence – the uncontrolled passions of men are, and it is irrational and absurd to assert otherwise.

Printed in the New Hampshire Union Leader (Sunday, February 20, 2011) in reference to the recent lifting of the law banning guns from being carried in the N.H. State House.

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