Thursday, October 13, 2011


The winds of change are blowing about once again.
Will they lead us back to where we have once been?

Constantly blowing, never-ending.  Storming, straining against the cliffs of our souls, daring us to go, memory bending.  Shall we give, and follow that torrid yet frigid road? What flotsam of the past await our mind to return and behold?

The winds of change are once again blowing. 
Yield! Do not fear to pass where memory is flowing.
Find what was lost, a stranger no longer!
In knowing the past one becomes stronger.

The gale within slowly subsides -- 
In the soul a new peace resides.
The clouds of doubt have blown and gone.  Rejoice!  For the return of Blue and Sun.

Laugh and go back 

To where you have once been --

The winds of change have come again.

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