Monday, January 9, 2012

Catholic Fairy-Tale

Published on Facebook 06/23/2011.

The Catholic Marriage Fairy-tale is not at all like the ones Disney and other Chick-Flick people would like you to think it is. There is no room for a damsel in distress, nor a woman who must be as strong as or stronger than her knight. Like all of life, it is a war against the devil and sin, with the ultimate and mutual reward of heaven waiting to be won. This battle cannot be won by the man fighting alone, nor by the woman fighting alone, but by both, in unison. Each has their own roles, duties, style of fighting, but it must all be for the one end, the salvation of the soul of the other. The man must be the leader, but that does not mean that the woman ought to sit around and wait to be saved. Rather, she must learn to do all that the man does, for even leaders get wounded sometimes, and then it must be the woman who takes the lead, lest, leaderless, the skirmish be lost to the enemy. There must be balance among the ranks, for not all can nor should be good at the same things. For if all are good at the bow, but not at the sword, and vice-versa, then, though the battle go well for a while, it will ultimately be lost in the end, for lack of versatility. So, women, find your Prince Charming, but be prepared to battle alongside of him. Men, search for that Warrior Princess, and together may you see the Promised Land.

From the Celtic Warrior Princess who found her Germanic Warlord.

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