Sunday, January 8, 2012


     Why is it that all my good thoughts occur when I am nowhere near the computer? Walking, doing dishes, folding laundry, and my mind is flowing from one musing to the next; but plop myself down in front of the computer and *POOF!* nothing, just a wondering what in the world to write.  

     I have pretty much determined that I am a worker-thinker:  When I have some menial labor to do, I pass the time by thinking. I honestly enjoy being alone with my thoughts, most of the time. Thinking used to be the main way to pass time working in solitude (I'm including prayer in thinking); before the advent of television and portable music players, all a person had available was thought.  
     Nowadays there seems to be an unfortunate lack of deep thinking done by the general populace. People are afraid, unwilling, unable to be alone with their thoughts. Being able to have music or some other form of distraction during times of solitude is almost a right to many of the youths of today. To go without one's mp3 player or other media device would be considered tantamount to torture! 
     It truly is a pity that thinking and contemplation is no longer something seen as worthy and desirable in our society. While there is potential for great philosophical errors to spring up from improperly formed thinkers such damage would certainly be less than the damage done by masses who simply follow and do not desire to know or understand why.  

     I'm beginning to think that it might be better to be part of a nation of goats who think for themselves than to be a nation of sheep that simply follow one another to the slaughter.