Saturday, February 4, 2012

Two Lives

          There are two "lives" within me, warring for dominance.  One is much older, and therefore holds much sway; the other is younger, but in no way less strong.  "Adventure!" cries the one; "Home and Hearth!" calls the other.  Home and Hearth was chosen, young though it was, but Adventure still held a place of honor.  Honor was not enough for Adventure, and many a long and painful battle was fought between the two, with Home and Hearth slowly, oh so slowly, gaining advantage and control. Yet Adventure continued to have hope - there may yet be a day when some may be realized.  Thus Adventure submitted to Home and Hearth, or so it was thought.  One day, Home and Hearth presented Adventure with a potential reality so great that Adventure was terrified of complete annihilation.  Such a thing could not be permitted!  So Adventure has once again taken up arms against Home and Hearth, leaving me torn and bloodied once again, trapt in the midst of the battle that rages inside my soul.  

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