Friday, March 30, 2012

My First 1st Trimester

Overall, Baby Chick and I seem to be getting along pretty well.  For the most part, being pregnant thus far hasn't been too much worse than not being pregnant, and in some ways a little better.  

Little Better:

  • My monthly acne flare-ups have gone away.  (Now experiencing clearer skin than I have in years.)  
  • I have a very good reason for "being lazy" and basically resting a lot.  
  • I'm allowed to be somewhat picky about what I eat.  
  • My emotions have basically evened out.  (Though I think that might have more to do with finally reaching a good point emotionally, rather than hormonal changes due to pregnancy.)  
  • People show a lot more interest in my well-being, as I am now, quite literally, living for two.  (Not that I ever felt neglected before.)

Not Too Much Worse (And Really Not All That Bad - I'm Just a Wimp When it Comes to Digestive Issues):
  • Wondering what the heck to eat today, because my hunger reflex seems to have disappeared, and nothing I can think of seems appetizing...  And forcing myself to eat every two hours lest bad things happen...  (I never was much of a snacker, so that is really tough.)
  • Offering libations to the porcelain god, and then having to start the hard-won eating process all over again...
  • Wondering exactly what it was that I ate which caused me to offer libations in the first place...  And then trying to avoid eating said thing to see if it really was the cause or not...
  • Feeling tired, and not getting everything done that needs done because I need a nap...  Then I start to feel like a failure.  (My peak hours of energy seem to be the afternoon, and as soon as 5/6pm hits, I crash again...  Just in time for my husband to come home from work.  Then I don't feel like making supper, don't want to eat anything I make, the dishes haven't been done, and I have little to no energy to spend on him.  Failure.)
  • Tearing up at anything which is even remotely sad, happy, cute, inspires pride, etc.  Definitely not something I'm used to.
  • People caring about my well being.  Yes, I know they mean well, and I know I am supposed eating for two, but #2 is causing adverse digestive issues.  And then I feel terribly horribly bad because I don't think I'm eating like I ought to be.
  • Feeling like I haven't had and enjoyed a full meal in about 2 months....then realizing that I actually haven't.  Not that I haven't been trying, but my stomach capacity seems to have shrunk to nothing compared to what it was.  
  • AND the Worst:  Feeling like I'm getting over it all, and the past three days were the best in eons (or so it seems), and then suddenly needing to offer libations and start all over again.   The point at which I am now.
But overall, I really do think I am beginning to feel better, and it really hasn't been that bad, or even every day.  Like I said, I'm a wimp.   The only things I think I should avoid eating are things fried in butter (eggs, grilled cheese, etc.), pizza :[ , and I decided in the beginning that hamburgers were no longer appetizing, so I won't eat them.  Not too bad of a list, considering what a lot of other women might have to give up.  
Everyone says it starts to get better in the 2nd trimester anyhow, and right now Baby Chick and I are on that threshold, so we shall see how the next few weeks fare for us.  
Yummy food, which I had no desire for, at all. 

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