Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Those Pesky Emotions!

         Yesterday was, overall, a rather physically good day.  Unfortunately, my emotions decided that they were just going to run amok from the get-go, and did their best to ruin things.  There were brief moments when they seemed to be succeeding, but in the end, happiness won out and I went to bed feeling much happier than I had when I got out of it.  
          Waking up crying is most certainly on my list of things not to do, and when one is as good at controlling (read:  bottling) their emotions as I once was, barely-awake tears are rather disconcerting.  Fortunately there weren't too many of them, so I ended up wandering the grocery store in search of ingredients for dinner in a melancholy fog, rather than a melancholy rain.  I managed to do alright throwing supper together (bbq chicken in the crock-pot) and somehow made it to the the lunch meal.  At the end of which I then proceeded to let loose such a flow of unwarranted waterworks it was almost shameful.  Of course, anytime I cry my dear husband becomes concerned and is then loathe to leave me in such a state.   But, as he did have to return to work and the tears were quite irrational, there was nothing much he could do to stem the flow short of staying home, which was not an option.  Life must continue on, whether I am bawling or not.  
          I did manage to dry my eyes a bit, and then my brother was able to call earlier than I had expected, which was a wonderful surprise.  I haven't talked to him for quite a while, and it was a wonderful thing to hear about how his life is progressing, the classes he is taking, and how he is striving to increase his protein intake too.  (In another post, hopefully coming soon, I plan on gushing about my siblings.  I am just so proud of how they are growing up!)  After talking with him, I grabbed some strawberries and blueberries (happy fruit) as a pre-soccer snack, then my husband and I headed off to Monday Night Soccer.  Soccer was great; running and playing sports is one of the better pick-me-ups I know for me.  Though I do have to tone my performance down a little because I am expecting, but since we play on average for about 2 hours straight, I don't mind so much.  It is kinda fun being the only one who hasn't completely worn themselves out by the last half hour - makes me look good playing against the exhausted.  ;)  
         The chicken turned out great, and after the busy and tiring weekend we had, it was nice to just be able to relax at home with my husband.  So, in spite of those pesky emotions, I managed to have quite a wonderful day, which is really nice to be able to say, after seeming to spend the past three months either breaking down in some way, or recovering from something.  I am still tired, but I don't think I will ever recover from that...  Though I have heard that sleep may eventually be mine again, some years after children are grown....  :)

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