Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Right, let's see how bad I am at writing a short post...

          It was one of those amazing days - bright, sunshiny, green, fresh - everything screamed life!  What an amazing day to be alive on!  Flowers, birds, hustle, bustle, everything.  And it struck me, just how amazing life is, qua life.  It honestly is eternal - it never ends!  Yes, individual things come and go, live then die, but life itself does not stop just because one living thing ceases to live.  Now, I've never really made a study of evolution, but from what I understand it is all about life, the perpetuation of the species.  So this particular being has died, but in a sense it is still living in its offspring, in the generations follow.  From a simply materialistic point of view, this is a pretty amazing concept.  But, add to it a bit of the supernatural, and this idea is overwhelming.  For those who believe in the eternal life of the soul, there never will be non-life.  While the simply-naturals will argue that the end of the world will bring about a complete and total end to life, for to those who believe in the supernatural, life will never end!  Life is more than just the animation of matter, Life is God Himself!  Some creatures (non-rational beings) participate in the life of God in a temporary and temporal way; some (rational material beings) in a temporal and eternal way; others (rational immaterial beings) in an eternal way.  Though the material world may have an end, Life does not.  Life continues; Life endures.  

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