Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Bit of Life in General

          Well, the house we were interested in already had an offer which the seller accepted, so we weren't able to even look at it.  Which is probably a really good thing, lest we got our (read:  my) hopes up too much, only to be severely and horridly crushed against the solid cliffs of reality.  *sigh*  But it was entertaining while it lasted, and more than likely there will be something better in the future.  Hopefully before Baby Chick makes a grand entrance into the world, and my laundry needs explode exponentially.  :)
          My in-laws are in town for a visit this week, the second time the whole family has been together since October, and it is quite nice to be spending time with them.  Nothing reminds me how much I enjoy family life more than spending time with family.  Yes, I have a huge streak of "I could totally be a hermit and live in the middle of nowhere, completely independent (almost) of the outside world", but the path I chose is much better for me in the end.  My hermit life would not admit of any human loves whatsoever.  So, tempting as it may be on some days to mentally travel to such a life, that is not where I belong, and ultimately I would not find the happiness that I am meant for.  Family life is my path to sanctity, and unless I embrace it, there will be no chance of my attaining that which I was made for.  
          I am beginning to look a bit, well, pudgy.  I know that this is a good thing, a natural thing, a baby thing, but um, it is a completely new concept for me.  My metabolism and active life were pretty much all I needed to keep thin, and I never really gave it too much thought.  Yes, I did (and still do) have slight, er, "problem areas", but they never involved "Wow, my waistband is a bit tight...  Hope I can breath alright after I button them."  *sigh*  At 17.5 weeks, I have hit that awkward stage where it just looks like I've got belly bulge, rather than like I've got a baby inside me.  :/  Overall it isn't so bad - it means I get to go out and find a cute bathing suit that covers my gut, as well as other cute clothings which are soon going to be necessary - such as sundresses!  :D  Very excited about that.  Oh, yeah, I guess someone could find a nice lesson in humility in there somewhere if they really tried.  ;)
          I can finally eat again!  One never appreciates the ability to feel hunger until one loses it.  Though it shows up at the most inappropriate times, like 3/4 of the way through a meal.  So now I have to be careful not to overeat...  That wonderful full feeling doesn't show up quite as well as it used to...  I've decided the crock pot and casseroles/pasta salads are my new best friends food-wise here in the second trimester.  It turns out that pregnant women should eat a lot of protein to keep everyone healthy, and pasta actually has a surprising bit of protein in it!  Mostly, the thing I am having trouble with is keeping high-protein foods readily available.  Greek yogurt also has a lot of protein, but I have been craving "real food" a lot lately, and the crock pot and pasta dishes are the way to go.  Make enough for dinner and leftovers, and viola!  Real meal snacks, easy style!  Plus, pasta is really cheap and if cheese and some meat are added, the protein count is really good.  :)  I've heard quiches recommended as a good way to get fast easy protein as well, and that will be my next thing to try.  
          I've also been contemplating myself a bit lately, though my findings will have to be published in another post, as this one seems to be getting quite long, and I'm sure I lost the attention of 3/4 of my readers halfway through.  :)  


  1. I'm still here! :) This was a good post, it resonated with that my chick is born, I'm getting a resurgence of that 2nd Trimester FEED ME NOW stage. Everything looks yummy, and there's never enough of it. Whew! Good thing I have a toddler to chase around or I'd probably look about 5mos pregnant forever.

  2. So glad to hear that things are progressing well! My sister was just asking me whether you were starting to show at all. And hooray for sundresses! I hope you can find as many as you desire (and need). :)