Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Chick Is A Boy, And Scheduling "Date Nights"

          So, for those who must be *dying* to know who is coming in October, here is your update.  Joseph Benedict will be welcomed into our arms in October!  The ultrasound was good, though I was a bit, um, stressed when we arrived because we were late, and there were dire warnings about the results of being late.  But it all turned out well in the end, though we still have no clue as to how adorable our boy is, because it turned out he was a bit camera shy.  And has no apparent clue about modesty, so the only (2) pictures we have are proof of his masculinity, but that is about it.  Hence no photographic evidence shall be posted.  I'm glad he is a boy - I have long thought that a boy as oldest would be, well, ideal.  There is something about a well-raised oldest boy, and his subsequent brothers, that makes for excellent men.  Plus it means I get to put off the dolls and princesses and "you be the mommy" and such that seem to accompany girls...  It is much more fun to play trucks and planes and army men and destroy Lego walls.  (Did I mention I am somewhat of a tomboy, and that girls scare me?)
          This will probably be the only time I use his full name on here.  I think I'll refer to the children by their first and middle initial after the official "Who's Coming" announcement, and all subsequent pregnancies will be Baby Chick.  And my dear husband shall be The Martian, which shall be explained in a later post.  :)
          Even though J.B. isn't actually here yet, and therefore doesn't interfere with much of anything, it turns out there is a necessity for us to schedule "date nights".  Yes, schedule, because the Martian does not come home at the same time every night.  There are nights he comes home after the obligatory 8 hours worked, then there are nights when he comes home after 12 hours worked, but there is no telling really which it will be on a given day.  Not cool.  *scowl*  Not that we really have had any since we've been married (or even many official dates before for that matter), but lately I have been wanting to do something nice, but this "office job" is certainly getting in the way of things.  I just want to have the house nice and clean and tidy, a glass of wine ready for him when he comes home, and a slightly more upscale meal practically ready also.  Unfortunately the few times I have tried for something like this have turned out quite disappointingly.  Cold dinner is not cool, and while I understand rationally why he needs to work late, the accompanying annoyance isn't quite so nice either.  *sigh*  It's the little things, it truly is.  
Tean Bean Bake - not fancy, but really yummy

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