Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Went through an equine phase, some of
which turned out pretty well.
          Nicknames can be a wonderful part of life, a symbol of the affection one person has for another, albeit ofttimes a bit teasingly.  My first one came from my brother and his inability to pronounce "Jennifer" when he was young, so for a while I was "Fuffer".  Kinda cute, no?  Dad is the only one who still uses it, mostly in it's shortened form "Fuff", though often he incorporates it into my name making "Jennifuffer".  I use "Fuff" to sign my artwork, but my skill is rather juvenile so you don't need to look out for it in the museums or art shows.  
Tigger with Eeyore.
Eeyore was always my favorite though.
          In my high school years, once I came out of my depressed shell (I'll write about it someday), I acquired two more nicknames:  "Psycho" and "Tigger".  "Psycho" came from my first year of basketball, having never really watched or played the game before, not really understanding what constituted a foul, and throwing my whole self into the playing of the game.  Needless to say I was a bit, um, scary on the court.  "Tigger" was the result of my energy during those years, having found friends to hang out with and grow with.  I was happy and bouncy and fun, much like the stuffed tiger himself.  Also, there was a brief time I remember the moniker "Snickerdoodle" on account of Snickers being my favorite candy bar; but that wasn't used much. 
The Blue Hen is a real breed of chicken,
and is also the Delaware State Bird.  Who knew?
          Then came college.  There were actually quite a few people there that I knew from the home school group back home, but overall we didn't end up hanging out all that much, so my old names eventually became extinct.  (Though I think "Psycho" may have been apt still...apparently I'm intense or something.)  Anyway, new nicknames invariably follow after making new friends, and that is where I got my "Blue Henn" moniker.  A couple of my friends were into pronouncing names with Spanish pronunciation, so my "Jenn" with a "j" became "Henn" because the Spanish "j" says English "h".  Add to that my favorite color, blue, and thus "Blue Henn".  It turned out to be rather fitting, as I *love* chickens and have been informed that I am a "mother hen" type person.  I'm not entirely convinced of the veracity of my "mother henness" but oh well. 
Marvin is just about the only
Martian we have pictures of...just Google it!
          The Martian got his name a bit more scientifically.  It was after the March for Life freshman year, a bunch of us went to the Air and Space Museum to gain extra credit for Astronomy, and he was one of the party.  (We were not really hanging out at this time hardly at all, though I did count him a friend.)  One of the exhibits had to do with Mars, in particular the rocks found on said planet.  According to the sign, the scientists had done tests or studies or something on the rocks in O.H. and found that said rocks greatly resembled the terrain on Mars.  So, logically, we decided that the Martian must be a Martian, seeing as he was born and raised in O.H. where the rocks are like Mars rocks.  Quite scientific and logical, wouldn't you say?  
Because it's pretty, and I like needlework.  :)
          Baby Chick quite easily followed from the "Henn", so I guess that is about it for nicknames.  Oh, by the way, I also have a theme song, thanks to one of my friends - Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.  Said friend would sing "Henn! Henn Henn Henn!" to the tune to the intro of the song, and now every time I hear it I hear her singing in my head.  Naw, I'm not crazy or nuthin'.  ;)

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