Thursday, June 14, 2012

Omphaloskepsis = Navel Gazing

          I'm vaguely aware that I have heard the term "navel gazing" before, but more recently encountered it on one of the blogs I follow, though I can't remember which one.  It took a little while before the funniness of the phrase set in - I do it a lot!  Not because I am really all that self absorbed, but because my bellybutton is undergoing quite the change at the moment.  Actually, my whole belly is.  This whole pregnancy thing is rather new, foreign, and different for me.  I was too little to remember when Mum was expecting either of my siblings, so I haven't had much experience of it.  Anyway, watching my belly button slowly loose depth, and knowing it is eventually going to completely reverse itself is something else entirely.  I've always been and in-y, but soon enough I'm going to experience what it is like to be an out-y too.  I'm glad to see my belly getting bigger, and the number on the scale going up, too.  It means things are progressing as they should.  Plus, I'm beyond the looking fat stage and am quite firmly in the looking pregnant stage, though it may not show so well with the loose t-shirts that are still my preference.  But it does mean that I have stopped using my belly as a drum.  Having "belly fat" was a new experience for me, and somehow noting its existence translated into drum on it.  Don't know why, and even if I did I prolly wouldn't be able to articulate it.  Why not? For the same reason I've tried to put the toaster away in the fridge, and use a butter knife to eat my cereal, - I simply do not know.  There are some days I wonder how I manage to make it through without creating some huge catastrophic accident.  Overall, baby brain drain isn't so bad - I was kind of not all there anyway - but my belly button is sure starting to look funny!  

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