Monday, July 30, 2012

10 Weeks

          So there are 10 weeks left (9 weeks, 6 days to be exact, but who's counting?) until Jose's due date.  Granted, I know the chances of him arriving precisely on that day are slim, but it is still a point to look toward nonetheless.  I hear "mommy brain" isn't much better than "pregnancy brain" but the total cluelessness and forgetfulness must eventually get better, 'cause moms sure do end up remembering a lot of stuff - play dates, soccer games, etc.  At the moment I'll settle for not feeling like a puppy out on a windy day.  Sniffing along some trail here, hearing a noise and having to investigate there, finding a new trail to follow, seeing some leaves blow then having to chase them, and never finding out where that first trail leads.  Honestly, the other day I forgot to take my second iron dose three times, after reminding myself of it four times.  Yeah.  Forgetting what I had just decided while over by the bedroom in the 10 steps it takes me to get to the kitchen, then remembering 4 hours later.  That's what I'm talking about - anything has to be an improvement.  
          I also had my first encounter with heartburn last week, which was not pleasant.  Not quite painful, but definitely not pleasant.  Though it does mean I will make a more concerted effort to eat smaller more frequent meals, something I've been failing at so far.  The thing I'm looking forward to most after Jose arrives, other than the baby himself, of course?  Getting my body back, but not in the sense of looking good again.  I know, for the most part, that my body will never really look the same as it did pre-pregnancy, but it will sure be nice to have my insides back!  Jose isn't crowding me too too much as of yet, but my!  How wonderful it will be to feel true hunger again, to have my digestive system working as it should, to be able to eat normal meals with normal people!  Perhaps I am just a wee bit shallow for being excited over such a thing, but it truly is the little things in life, is it not?  ;)  

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