Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Calorie Counting

          So, with only 8 weeks til D-Day, it turns out that I am under-size.  In the past month, though the numbers on the scale have gone up, then inches of my tummy have only increased by 1.  Apparently not a sufficient number, and now I have to keep a food log for this week to see if I can increase my caloric intake.  And I'm not so sure it is working.  Yes, I am eating more, which is good, but the most calories I've been able to calculate is around 1500, which is an appallingly small number, considering I've been eating 8 times a day, and I can't imagine how few I was eating before actually making the effort to remind myself and force myself to eat more often.  Granted, the 1500 is not taking into consideration the caloric count of supper, mostly because I decided that math was too difficult for me to try and figure out, but still.  My best day was Friday at 1856, which included pizza and a milkshake (though I had to guess the calories for both of them, and may have been too conservative).  This whole food thing has been the most stressful and frustrating part of pregnancy for me - there is too much to keep track of (protein intake, now caloric intake) and it gets me all frazzled real quick.  *sigh*  And I'm probably going to get in trouble when I hand in my food log for not eating enough protein.  Top it all off, a friend informed me the other day that there is a possibility that my appetite may not come back after delivery, even if I am breast feeding, so my only hope may have just flown out the window!  :-/

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