Thursday, September 27, 2012


          So I think the nesting bug has finally begun to bite a bit.  Unfortunately, the nesting fever seems to be exhibiting itself in the form of a great desire to bake and store food, which in other circumstances wouldn't be a bad thing.  For the present, though, the midwife would like me to stay away from processed foods and stuff as much as possible, focusing on proteins and fruits and veggies  until Jose arrives.  Such instructions are not compatible with muffins, shortcake, brownies, pancakes, french toast (oh how I love french toast!), etc.  *sigh*  You can probably guess what kind of food eating spree I'll go on after the birth!  Thankfully I have rationalized apple crisp as healthy, so I can somewhat satisfy the desire to bake.  
          In regards to the typical nesting, I finally have the diaper bag I wanted, so I can pack that in preparation for going to the birth center.  Trying to put the apartment in order will be a bit more of a challenge - it is hard to organize stuff if there really isn't much room for it.  I currently have four different piles of baby stuff stuck in corners, because the closets are all full and there is no room anywhere else.  Our apartment is listed as 600 sq. ft. but there is some doubt about it actually being that large.  Not complaining about the size, it is nice and cozy, but it is a little difficult to find good storage space.  Hopefully we will be acquiring some dressers so we can unpack the suitcases we have been living out of and gain a little bit more usable floor-space in the bedroom.  Plus it would be nice to have something more convenient than a Rubbermaid bin for the baby clothes.  And to finally put the cabinets up so they are no longer sitting on my counter.  That would be nice.  
          I'm trying not to let myself get too stressed out about all the disorganization because I know we do have a little bit of time, but Jose is going to be here before we know it, and I would really like the apartment to be in order by then.  Especially with people coming to visit afterwards.  I know they will be coming to help and stuff, but it will be so much easier if the apartment is in order to begin with.  Oh, well, guess we'll see what happens.  In the meantime, I'm going to go play with my new diaper bag!  :)

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