Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesdays Linkup

          So Rachel Balducci over at Testosterhome, a pretty amazing blog about life with lots of boys, has come up with this idea for a linkup called Ten Minute Tuesdays.  The idea is to take ten minutes and just write whatever thoughts pop into one's head, and then linkup somehow.  I'm not too sure about how to do the whole linky-uppy thing, but I figured I would give this one a try.  Perhaps I'll get better at posting things more often.  Anyway, here goes, and I hope slightly premeditated ten minute spewing still counts.

          Today is a typical rainy day, as in rain all day kind of rainy day.  It started out looking pretty awesome out there, all blustery and rainy and stormy, but has now basically calmed down to rain in spite of  the tornado, hail, and basic destruction warning.  It is a good day to just relax inside, snuggle up on the couch with a warm nummy drink and chill.  I was actually kinda happy to see the weather this morning - there is something about the power of the storm that calls to me, begging me to come out and enjoy it.  Alas, such opportunities are going to be rare for me for a little while.  The woods are a little more difficult to get to here, and there is rarely anything fun about traveling in a car sopping wet, even if it is only a short distance.  *sigh*  So I forewent the walk, and decided on indulging nostalgia with condensed chicken noodle soup for lunch.  I know, not healthy but still.  Turns out they changed it, or my memory is not so good, because it wasn't like I remembered it being.  And then I spilled it all over the counter while trying to pour it into the bowl - splashed out over the sides it did.  So now the weather has calmed down to just a depressing rainy day, and my mood unfortunately with it.  Now to figure out what to do with the rest of my day...

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