Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesdays, Sort Of - Protest Against...

          So I am aware that it is no longer Tuesday, and thus I am late.  Sorry.  But things were a little busy for me yesterday.  Anyway, the whole Ten Minute Tuesday thing might not be a link up after all, as Rachel over at Testosterhome explains in her most recent post.  *sigh*  And I was looking forward to doing more communal bloggy type things.  But oh, well.  There is nothing to stop me from trying to keep up my own Ten Minute Tuesdays!  It might be a good thing for me to practice anyway, considering I'm not posting anything else, and maybe it will help me to be better at posting more things of "value".  
          Recently I found a youtube video of kids protesting Michelle Obama's healthy lunch policy.  I was impressed, and subsequently liked their Nutrition Nannies page on FB, to kind of keep up with the news in that area.   After sharing another post from them, I realized how exciting it is to stand up to those we do not believe are right, to protest authority, etc.  I actually rather like it - it's kind of like being able to live out for ourselves one of those legendary stories from either history or elsewhere.  Then it struck me how we should get the same thrill from standing up to Satan and sin.  What better thing is there to rebel against?  Yes, it is hard, but standing up for what one believes in always is, and the rewards for rebelling against sin will be infinitely more satisfying than protesting against unfair school lunch mandates.

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