Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesdays: Beached Whales Debunked

          Once again, it is Tuesday, and that means you get to read my ramblings for a whole ten minutes!  Not that it will really take that long to read, unless it does, I've never timed it before.  Anyway, I was thinking yesterday, while trying to roll myself up and off the couch, that the phrase "like a beached whale" is inappropriate.  Why?  Because it is inaccurate.  Granted, I suppose, it is hyperbole so perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh.  But it is inaccurate.   Whales, when beached, have a tendency to kinda just flap their flippers and tail for a while, then expire, unless a group of kind-hearted people stumble across it in such a predicament and have the means to pull it back into the ocean from whence it came.  Not a lot of people can honestly say their experience is quite like that of the whale.  Some might be unable to do more than flail a bit while facing the possibility of expiring, I suppose, but I certainly am not one of those.  Rather, what came to my mind was "walrus".  Walruses are meant to be able to get around both in the water and on land, albeit it is quite difficult for them to drag themselves around on a glacier, especially the larger more rotund ones.  At the moment, standing, walking, sitting in the table chairs are my water - ease of movement is complete.  But that couch and the bed, man, I am totally feeling like a walrus every time I have to get up - flail a bit, flop a bit, roll a bit, and eventually heave myself up to my feet.  Thus, it would be much more appropriate to use the phrase "like a beached walrus" rather than "like a beached whale".  

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