Tuesday, February 5, 2013

P. T. Day

          No, not physical therapy. Not physical training either, though I could definitely benefit from some. No, P. T. quite simply stands for Pregnancy Test. You see, it was a year ago today that we discovered that we were with child. A very happy and nerve wracking day indeed. A day for treats and celebration! A day, the anniversary of which shall be henceforth celebrated as one of thanksgiving. One year ago today we found out that we were parents, and from that day forth our lives would be so radically changed for the better.  Oh, it hasn't been easy - that first trimester was rough, these newborn days haven't been all peaches and cream, and there will most assuredly be many challenging times ahead - but it sure has been worth it overall.
          And, if you ask me, such days should be days of celebration for every pro-lifer. Why? Because it seems like celebrating the days we first found out about our children would have a little bit of impact on those who believe that murdering them in the name of "choice" is okay. Thanks to the great advances in science, it is becoming much more difficult for people to deny the humanity of the unborn, but why not do what we can to reinforce that knowledge? My thinking mostly follows the same kind of path it had when I wrote about whether or not to find out if we were having a boy or girl - discussing an unborn child in terms of he/she and names does wonders for remembering their humanity.  
          In a similar way, if we believe life begins at conception, then shouldn't we be celebrating life from the very beginning? Now, since celebrating 'conception day' would most likely be difficult for most because of uncertainty in regards to the actual day, and quite honestly, that would be a bit on the awkward side. I mean, really. Thus Pregnancy Test Day to the rescue! No "ick" factor, easy to explain, and still gets the point across. Seriously, how difficult is it to explain to a child (or anyone, for that matter) that "This was the day that we found out that God had given you to us, love, mushiness, cake, etc."? P. T. Day could even surpass birthdays in celebration! Personally, I'd like to celebrate both; who wouldn't like more frequent parties? And treats?  Anyway, those are just my two cents worth, and since Jose has woken from his slumbers, that's all I'm going to have time for.  


  1. How awesome that you remember the day that you tested! I remember the joy of each of those days, but perhaps if there was blogging "way back then..." Thanks for reminding me of what it felt like. God bless! Lisa

  2. Thank you for this post! A very real reminder that we become parents at conception (and then find out we're parents at the first positive pregnancy test)! I do feel that a change of language is warranted to further the Pro-Life movement - things like "expecting a baby" (when, in fact, the baby isn't expected, he already exists!) and "going to be parents" should really be replaced with more life-affirming alternatives.

    Again, thank you. Those of us on our side of blogosphere (Catholic Infertility) understand this all too well, as we hope and pray for a chance to celebrate P.T. Day!!