Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bottles VS Nursing

          Well, J.B. has taken to the bottle surprisingly well, and right from the start, too. That was a bit unexpected, for the few times I had pumped so that I could leave for a reasonable amount of time he would never take one, even from Daddy. I guess he must have really been hungry. We did have a brief period about a week after introducing the bottle that he basically refused to take it, but I think he is over that now, considering he drank 5.5 ounces in one sitting yesterday, the most he has ever taken! It brings me much joy and comfort knowing that he isn't going hungry. And you will never know what a good thing wet diapers are, until you don't have any to change, and really should. 
          Anyhow, it is a great thing that he is getting the nutrition that he needs and I am no longer able to provide for him, but let me tell you, bottles are a hassle! As awful as nursing was in the beginning, all in all nursing is much easier. At least, I think so. Fewer things to wash, takes much less time to get food into baby's belly, don't have to really wake up for night feedings, and there is no waste! So my recommendation is:  don't use bottles unless you have to. Life is simpler that way.

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