Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter As A Parent

     I have always liked winter. I like the cold. I like the snow (yeah, I even sort of like the shoveling). I used to go for walks, long walks, in the neighbors across the street's woods, well, any time of the year, but it was particularly special in the winter time. The snow was beautiful, and the silence was incredible. So very peaceful, and the perfect way to re-ground myself. 
     It snowed here on Tuesday, and reminds me very much of home, particularly with the frigid temperatures we've had since. Only now, instead of just myself, I have two littles that need to be dressed up in snow gear if we want to go outside, which Jose was very much excited to do, and it took a half an hour to get us all bundled up and out the door. 30 whole minutes. Thankfully they are both still in diapers, and I can get myself ready last, because after that I'm sure someone would have had to go potty before we even got outside. It was a fun time in the end, though, until a neighbor's dog decided to come in our yard and bark at us in our own yard. Rant for another day. Anyhow, due to the chilly temps, the snow is still here, but also thanks to the freezing temps, we can't go outside and play. 20 something degrees is just too cold to be taking littles outside. Jose has been very bummed about it. I, on the other hand, am not, due to the hassle rigmarole circus process which is getting dressed to go outside. 
     I did, however, end up going outside briefly somewhat unexpectedly today, and was reminded just how much I like this weather. Though it wasn't much above 20*, it didn't feel cold. The air was refreshing, clean, after having been in a stuffy house for two days straight. It was energizing. It was fantastic. And I miss it.  

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