Monday, March 23, 2015

The Via Dolorosa That Is Motherhood

        Pain. Heartache. Agony. Not words which one typically associates with motherhood. I, however, am coming to realize how fitting they are, at least for me. Now, before you get all huffy, hear me out. Perhaps I am doing it wrong. I don't know. But it hurts, deep down to my core. Yes, the sacrifices I have to make in order to be the kind of mom I want to be hurt; but that is to be expected. The guilt I feel for failing so very hard (at least to my thinking, at times) cuts deeply. The pain and confusion that comes, when trying to "research" what is the best way to raise children only exasperates the problem. The times when you are tired and at your wit's end, and it isn't even lunch time yet and you just want to throw in the towel, because no one is listening to anything you say, and you just feel crushed inside. When you lose your temper with children who are pretty much angels, and it leaves you so wounded you wonder if you'll ever heal. 
     It isn't just the tough, hard times that pain me, though. It's when marveling at your two and a half year old, who refused to even hold the mail, because his hands were chocolatey and needed to be washed first, without any prompting from you. It's when the 14 month old insists on hugging during a story, again and again and again. It's their faces when you get them up in the morning. It's the fact that you are still completely their whole world, in spite of the times you've messed up. It's watching them learn and grow and develop, and you realize that one day you are going to lose them to the world of grown ups, and your heart aches at the thought but feels like it's going to burst from pride at the same time. 
     The weight of the responsibility of teaching these little ones about God. Teaching them how to be more than you are, when you are so very lacking. Being the whole world to two little boys, but having to split yourself between them. Wondering how you are going to manage when Number 3 comes along, knowing you cannot be all things to all children. Knowing how weak I am, how I cannot do it all, on my own. There is so much heartache, so much pain, so much agony. 
     This is the part where, if I were really good, which I'm not, but if I were, I would tie it all in nicely with it being a fitting crucible for sanctification, and other lofty thoughts of that nature. But, I'm not that good; my brain is empty of deeper thoughts, which is weird. Pregnancy messes with the proper functioning of pretty much everything. 
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  1. You have expressed vividly these very real sufferings (which mother's and fathers too can appreciate). Please don't get discouraged, and try not to get down on yourself. We must suffer many things, but we must resist the temptation to punish and condemn ourselves. Your kids don't need an abstract, ideal, "perfect mother" -- they need YOU. Trust God because He gave you to them (and them to you).You are giving them so much good without even realizing, and the Lord will help them grow even from your failures and illness and other limits. Love them and pray to the Lord. And get whatever help you need for your health, because no one can "do it alone" -- which is why God created "other people." He helps us through them. It's humbling, but I know how important it is to ask for and receive help every day.

    You're going to make it, and your kids will grow up knowing that they're loved in a unique way, and even your weeknesses and failures will teach them patience and compassion. It's a humbling but beautiful thing to receive mercy from your children (and that is what happens even when we can't see how).

    God bless you, Jenn. Hang in there!